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July 6 Korach

Request AliyahReading # VersesHumash Page Reader
1 RishonNum. 16:20-278863/641 
2 SheyniNum. 16:28-358864/642 
3 ShelishiNum. 17:1-55865/642 
4 Revi'iNum. 17:6-83866/643 
5 HamishiNum. 17:9-157867/643 
6 ShishiNum. 17:16-205868/644 
7 Shevi'iNum. 17:21-244868/644 
MaftirNum. 28:9-157930/695 
HaftarahIsaiah 66:1-24,23251220/944 

Birchot HaShachar/Pesukei DeZimra    
Shaharit & Half Hallel    
Torah Service    
Gabbai Rishon    
Gabbai Sheyni    

Note:    Two Scrolls

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